Good Anti-Virus?

Been using a free trial of Norton for a few months now, and I'm looking for a good replacement. I don't want to use a paid program if possible, but I'm not opposed to paying a relitively small amout for a good deal. Any suggestions?


I use norton 360, but if you dont want to pay,  avg free or even microsoft security essentials will do just fine.

Common sense is the best anti-virus. But to help out a bit I use adblock and flashblocker (Makes it so you have to click on flash stuff to activate it)

However if shit does hit the fan I have malware bytes and a rescue CD


If your going to use adblock/flashblock add teksyndicate to there white lists.


Thanks, I'll give AVG Free a shot :)

I personally HATE AVG.. It makes it impossible to take off the internet surfing block, which is annoying because when you want to google something, it sends you to their own search engine. Even after disabling the internet search redirect in the AVG program and disabling and uninstalling all of the add ons it installs on the browser, it still redirects. I used Kapersky a couple of years ago on one of my computers and LOVED it. By far my favorite anti-virus program and its not super expensive. I think you can get a copy $20 on newegg, which in my opinion is worth it. Of course, this is from a few years ago so I wouldn't really know how it is now.


I actually asked Logan this question within the past week.  He recommends Trend Micro if you don't mind paying for it.  If you go with a free version, he recomends AVG or Avast.

I agree with your hate of AVG- I've come across the same issue before with the surfing block.  I think using AVG is asking for trouble...

You can disable AVG search in the settings in your browser. Must admit, it really annoyed me before I found out how to turn it off.

my experience with kapersky has been postive

seems comprehensive yet unobtrusive

I would just use ms security essentials, but I like the cloud storage of N360

i went through about 5 in the last month, bit defender was the only one that did it for me. Since it hogged little or no resources, ran in the background and updated automatically. Oh and it doesn't miss viruses like the competitors.

The best anti virus is no anti virus.

Know what you download and what pages you browse.

That's that.