Good, and Solid Wireless Headset with mic for my wife

My Wife really plays a lot of Online multiplayer games, but she also tends to need a wireless headset so she can talk to her friends online while she cooks and does stuff around the house. she was using a PlayStation Gold headset, but the hinge broke in six months. I really want to get her one that will be more solid and has good sound quality with bot the headset and the mic. does anyone have any recommendations? the budget is around $150, but a little more than that wont hurt too badly.

you can get a good pair of headphones then add this to it

not sure how well this attachment works, but feel free to report back how well it is. Check for compatibility before you buy, also make your computer either supports bluetooth or you have a bluetooth receiver. Reviews don't look too good

saw it from this video

with that clip on you can attach it to these headphones

this is also worth mentioning

and that's about 150

if this seems too expensive, you can also browse the buildapcsales subreddit and check out the headphone deals

If you are willing to deal with a cable, you can get a mod mic