Good amp/dac to power dt770s

Hi all i just have a quick question. I've been thinking about a pair of dt770s and was wondering what amp would be good to drive them? my budget is $100-250 for the amp/dac. thanks in advance

-The O2/ODAC is a perennial favorite, but ends up right at the top of your budget.
-The Schiit Stack (Schiit Magni and Modi) has equivalent specs and is about $40 cheaper, but takes up a little more space. Some people get all pissy about them as well because there was an issue a few years ago with a completely different amp by Schiit.
-There's also a plethora of FiiO products in a variety of prices, but they're typically more mobility oriented. I'm not 100% sure I'd use them with 600 ohm headphones, but anything lower should be more or less adequate.

awesome. thanks for the advice :) i think ill bite the bullet and get the o2/odac :) that should have enough power to drive say 600 ohm headphones if i decided to upgrade in the future?

Sorry for the slow reply.
Anyways, the O2/ODAC should be able to power just about any consumer headphone out there. The O2 was actually designed with the 600 Ohm DT880's in mind (along with other power hungry headphones), and then some.

awesome then i had a good choice :) thanks for input and advice :)

I really would like O2/ODAC but since it's out of my budget I have to look for something else. Any recommendations for a budget up to $100? I heared that the Asus Xonar U7 should be good but I have no clue. I am using a DT770 250 ohm with a Zalman ZM1 Mic.

SMSL 793ii but idk if it will have enough juice i know it powers he400 really well its $60 but uses spdif (optical) not usb someone can correct me if it can power them check out ZReviews on youtube he might be able to help you...

I have the Mackie Bigknob. It's a dual headphone amp, but more or less it's a monitor controller, or summing mixer. It's kind of slick!
I've had it for about three years, and it's great. I actually bus about three sources into my speakers at once, so I can play music off my laptop and desktop through the same speakers at the same time!

The headphone headroom is pretty great. It's solid state, not tube, so there's generally like a mackie warmth to it, not like beautiful distortion, but it's fine for my studio. I would never need or handle full volume on headphone amp.

Grab a Fiio E10k or E9 they are rock solid and sound great. I have been using the Fiio E10 with DT770 250 ohm for 3 years.

I thought about that as well but since I am using a Zalman ZM1 Mic I have to use something with a mic port :(

i am to just use the front audio ports or rear...