Good AM3+ Motherboard

Hi, I recently got some money and I was looking at a good AM3+ Motherboard for use with an FX-6300



-Support for 9xxx CPUs

-Crossfire 2 way support

-Reputable Brand


-$125 or under

Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0

^ this have one love it.

what is the difference between the FX and the normal X.

One uses the 990FX chipset, the other uses the 990X(the one that ends in the normal X) chipset.  The main difference is that the 990FX chipset provides more PCIe lanes, allowing for more expansion via pci-express.

pci-e lanes indeed, the 990X only has 20. pci-e lanes, and the 990FX pro has 40 lanes.

990X - x16/x8/x4 <- crosfire / sli on x8

990FX pro - x16/x4 x16/x4 <-  crosfire / sli on x16.

Further the 990FX pro has 7 sata ports, instead of 6 on the 990X evo.

Wait a moment.The 990FX PRO doesn't support 9xxx cpus. Or has there been a revision to the PRO and i missed it?

The M5A99FX pro R2.0 does support the FX9xxx series chips yes.since bios 2201

How about the Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

Also I would like to upgrade to the 9370 later on.

Wait I just watched the Pistols Rig Video she has the same mobo as u are talking about but she has a 9590 so it must support 9xxx CPUs

She has a special custom board created by Wendell.  And by that I mean it has an asus part soldered onto her board as the part originally broke or fell off do to shipping I believe.


Pistol has the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 + FX9590

Plus a GOD Mosfet soldered on buy wendal

I have the gigabyte and I kind of really hate the bios... Plus any revision of the ud3 below the fourth had bad vrms that were under sized and not attached right. Not really worth the risk considering that the rev 4 still has a shit bios. 

M5A99FX PRO 2.0 = best 990FX board out there, period.

in that price range probably yes.

Thanks for the clarification,Angel.Somehow i missed that revision.

Yes the M5A99FX can take any FX processors i think. I run a 9590 with that board, with an H100i and it works well at 5.0ghz. I think the only better board for FX is the Formula Z, which is about $100 more.

The asrock extreme 9 or Asus sabertooth are both better in features and stability. :/ but for $130, the pro is the only choice