Good all round headset(no mic) < 150?

Whats a good pair for about 150 or under? I dont know too much about audio so I thought i can get some help here!
I'm looking for kinda all rounders, im coming from some crappy razer megalodons so any ideas? I dont listen to too much bass. I like clear music that kinda has warmth and i prefer 3.5mm over the USB jack

Audio Techinica's m50s I own them & they are awesome! I got them when they were a 100$ but would buy them at this price because they are that nice.

I've heard alot about those, the a700x's,beyer 990's,and the grado 80i

AT is awesome, are they comfortable though?

I have giant ears & earings & they are really comfortable for me. They don't get too hot after using them for awhile & they aren't too heavy.

Ok! Do you think I should wait for them to drop in that case?


Hmm, up to you, the straight cable option is only 130 right now which is again, still a pretty solid deal for a pair of 200$ headphones. I got them for 100 right after Christmas. If you order from amazon & don't like them you can just return them. Amazon's return policy is awesome. 

If you don't mind the look, the grado 80i are a good option if you are after some warmth in the sound. Audio Technica AD700 are also a great headphone for the price, although the band might not suit small heads. One thing no one has asked though is are you looking for open or closed headphones? If noise leaking out is going to be an issue you might want to look at getting some closed or noise cancelling headphones. If not, go for an open pair. The m50's recommended above are closed (I've no experience with these, but read they can have a bit louder bass response, so take that into consideration too). if you can, the best option would be to find somewhere that stocks a few of these and head round for a listen.

Sennheiser HD 558s are fantastic :D

I forgot to mention, I can't deal with extra stuff like amps or such.....
I'm hoping none of these need it.Im not sure on the open and closes part. Can you give me the pro's and con's? I've looked at logan's video but i can't really decide

<p>In general you will get better sound stage from open headphones and most likely you'll enjoy sitting and listening to music on them for extended periods of time. The bad thing about open headphones, and this depends on their design and how loud you are listening to them, people will be able to hear what you are listening to if you are in the same room as them and you will also be able to hear louder noises while wearing them. The major benefits for closed are that they contain the noise and prevent it from leaking out as much and also stop noise from coming in as well. The downside to closed is that the sound stage usually isn't as good (for the same price point) and you will have more of a sense that the music is in your head. In general, and this is neither an advantage or con and really depends on the individual, the bass on a closed headphone won't be as tight and natural and will be more slower, resonant, and 'louder sounding'.</p><p>The Grad 80i, AT AD700 don't need an external amp. The senn 585s might depending  on your current soundcard/onboards amp.</p><p>Know anyone with some headphones? An audio store nearby? Try and go and listen to others cans first so that you can find something you like. Also that amazon return policy sounds good (something that is a bit hard to take advantage of in oz) so use that if you are in the states.</p>

I would agree with the people saying to go with open headphones. The only real reason not to get them is for traveling/portability/leakage/etc. I love my grados. Can comment that most of the rock and even edm/electronic (pretty lights and gramatik) sounds better on these imo than my friends ath m50 or the dt770s he traded those for. Just sounds so much more full and lifelike.

Grados are really nice for just chilling out and listening to some rock, not very analitical/flat. Hope this helps a lil bit 

Thank you very much for you insight. I'll go ahead and look into open air "cans". Unfortunately, I don't have much time to go to audio stores. The nearest guitar center is about a 45 minute drive without traffic. I would go to my local best buy but it sells crap products like monster. I'll probably be using an asrock z87M board which will be onboard audio. I'm most likey going to buy from Amazon yeah. But in you guy's opinions what would be best for all around open airs? I guess I'll take a tally and buy whichever is the most recommended. Also, I have a slightly bigger head then most, so I'd prefer for the headphone to but have an aggressive clamp similar to what ive heard from the a700x's

What do you mean by analitical/flat?
How do they handle a bit of bass from rap?

I dont listen to rap but you can look at some freq response graphs if you want to compare them to other headphones. The bass is there but not really overpowering or extremely noticable. Definitely more than some phones like ad700s. Their main thing is the mids

Ok so the Grado 80i excel at mids? Bass and highs are about mediocre?

Anything else guys? keep them coming!

look at a response graph and/or read people's actual reviews on headfi

shure srh440's with 840 pads are about the best I've heard for the price.

they have very flat response which some can find a little bright.

They look awesome but theyre closed air. Any gripe for them?

I was looking at the AKG 142HD's, what about those? Theyre semi open
Anyone have those?