Good Air Flow!

I need a pc ase that is ATX and costs around £20-£50 i want it to look ok but it needs to have good airflow.

this is what i was thinking:

What you think? 

That case looks like it has all of the right mounting points to have some really nice airflow. The ain thing to keep in mind is that you want both front and bottom intakes if you can. This will help create a nice updraft which will help to push all of the heat out of your case. The problem with that case is that it only comes with one fan. I like to have two front intakes, a bottom intake, two top outputs, and a side intake and back output are optional. I am not too sure of the prices of stuff in the UK (from the US) so I can't really help out with suggestions right away, but I will see if I can't find something for you.

im getting 2 case fans which are 120mm so i think they will fit but ill just have to look where it would be best to put them. thanks :)

This is one to consider. It doesn't have everything that I would like, but compromises must be made in this price range (again, not very familiar with pricing and availablity in the UK).


Reviews of this case:

If you are getting some case fans, then the case you listed might be a very good option. Again, front and bottom intakes and top output are the most important, imo. Do consider the case I posted though. A bit more expensive, but you might like it, who knows :P

Yeah thats nice ill have a good look into this case thanks :)

Yeah ill have a look. Thanks for your help <3