Good AIR CPU cooler that supports tall sticks of ram?

Yeah, I really like my Patriot RAM but the heat spreader is fairly tall. Unless anyone can tell me how to get a Swiftech H220 in the UK I will have to get a Air cooler. Any reccomendations?

how much you looking to overclock?

if you are looking for a medium overclock you dont need a crazy big heatsink.. something like the hyper 212 evo.

If you are looking for high overclocks then try some of the noctuas or thermalright. Zalman has some excellent heatsinks and I would recommend getting a noctua fan for. Basically you want something with 5-6 heatsink pipes and 120mm fan or better.

There are too many choices honestly here are some "ram safe" models though.

Zalman CNPX flex + noctua NF-F12 - difficult to find, but a great headsink with a quality fan like the noctua static pressure fan. The heatsink comes with clips for 2 fans if you desire it.

Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 - the X2 is the dual fan model, but there is a single fan model

Noctua NH-U14S - Similar to Archon only with famous Noctua fans and design.

Any of these will do very well for you with even high overclocks.

Prolimatech Megahalems or Prolimatech Genesis are also a good choice for high end air coolers,they don't interfere with ram unless you use 38mm thick fans.