Good 65% keyboards?

I’m looking for a 10-keyless keyboard that is either Alps White or MX Clear. I have at this point killed 2 or 3 switches on my razer keboard and the spacebar is cracked in half (in rage from spinbotters in CSGO).

I know very little about keyboards and would like a new one at the end of the summer at some point. I know of WASD and Das, but thats about it. I’m also a dvorak user, so if thats a possibility from the company that’d be great.


I know a little about the CM storm tenkeyless’, and that they are decent, however they are a little pricy.

I currently use an “ANNE PRO”, this is a 60% (so the arrow keys and home buttons are inside a function layer). these go for a good price here:

They use gateron switches, a Chinese clone of cherry’s after thier patent ran out, and are on most accounts actually better to use.

I would recommend.


It has many cherry switch options and is made from brushed alloy.
Nuff said

I think I’ll be leaning more for alps switches, but I agree that the K65 is really good. I’ve played with one a few times and liked it a lot.

ive not heard of alps switches
cail cherry and razor yes but not alps.

Anyway my 2p is as stated.
I sold a razor blackwidow ultimate so I could get a k70 in my office and on my htpc I run a k65 when gaming. I have 2x m65 you just cant beat Corsair imo
Ive had a lot of peripheral over the years and that’s where ive gotten to. All corsair
quality aint cheap

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Very old company. Still around somewhat, but not like they used to be. Likely if you’ve used any old Kinesis boards or terminal boards you’ve used alps.

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Well I looked around more and more and decided to just go with the razer option. I like linear switches alot anyways so I thought “Hell, might as well”.

Does what I need it to, and its a billion times quieter. Have yet to install it where it is going, but will do that in a little bit.

Expect a review in the next few days.

And in case you haven’t noticed this site I usually start here before looking at amazon and ebay. Tend to look at it then when I find something interesting, youtube reviews then look at cheap ebay knockoffs and back to youtube…

Thats pretty mich what I did haha. Didn’t really find anything that I liked and flirted with the idea of a wireless/wired unit. But, none exist that function like a logitech G700s, and I hate plainjane wireless keyboards, so I weighed my options and prices, didn’t like what was available, so I just got the one I have played with for the last month.

I didn’t realize the K65 came in anything other than CMX Reds. Other than reds, it’s a nice sturdy board. I prefer the CMStorm QFR TKL board though.

@sycpuppy beat me to it, but has some boards loaded with Alps. KBparadise (brand) has a TKL and 60% board with 'em.