Good 500W PSU?

for an fx6300 and r9 260x

Price point?

for budget, get the EVGA 500b.  If you are looking for a higher efficiency unit, perhaps with modularity, then I can give you plenty more options.

Other options off the top of my head:

XFX TS 550w

Any Seasonic unit 

Can't go wrong with Seasonic

XFX TS 550w +1, wont get any better than that for the price

any Seasonic or XFX or Corsair that meets 80+ Bronze Cert. or better

for $5 bucks more get fully modular

XFX XTR 550W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

here !!!!!!!!! buy this right now its 49 bucks shell shocker sale on newegg.

Thanks for the help guys. I just finished my build. Ill be posting a post build question on the forum...