Good 256GB ssd for dual booting windows and linux?

I think my current drive is going out, soo its time for a new one. Gonna put windows 8.1(and probably the 10 upgrade it comes with) on it and probably dual boot with ubuntu. I have 2.5TB worth of storage drives so this'll likely just be for a boot drive. Are there any really bad ones to avoid? I'd like to keep it $90 or less if possible.

EDIT: 240+ works too, meant to put that in title but forgot to. I wont complain about 16GB when I have 2500 other GB to use.

Just stay away from the SSDNow! drives and anything SandForce. I like the 850s from Samsung.

I personally wouldn't dual boot. Usually too many headaches. Get two separate smaller drives.

I dual boot, for me there hasn't been a single thing that's went bad. Only annoying thing is that if you reinstall windows it overwrites the MBR with it's own bootloader so you need to reinstall GRUB, but that's an easy fix

my dual boot was great for months. ubuntu gnome / win7 (as per wendell's instructions :) grub2 workin great with the no time out, new ssd, too fast! but after awhile windows was having trouble booting. then it wouldn't boot at all. idk what happened, don't care. i backed it all up before this linux experiment and i won't be going back. just wanted to plus 1 the idea of completely separate drives. if you aren't backed up..and absolutely need windows.

Never had a problem with my 840 Evo,

But i use an old 250gb laptop drive for linux rarther than dual boot...