Good 25$-ish games

Getting a new PC today, either going to be a 975/650ti combo, or a 6300/660. Not sure which I'd rather go for.

Thing is, if I get the 6300 setup, I don't even own any games that could utilize the power it'll be giving me because I really like Valve games, some of my friends don't have good enough PC's, and I haven't had a pure gaming rig for a while now so I found it a big waste buying games I couldn't run.

I kinda want BFBC2, but the thing is there's no flying and stuff which I really look forward to in a Battlefield, and Bf3 costs too much. But I mean, if it actually is one of the best games I'll be able to find I'm all for it. I just want something new that'll be awesome to look at and make my computer actually have to work.


Here's my library.

You can grab KOTOR 1 and 2, Arkham City, Primal Carnage, AVP, Dawn of War collection, Supreme Commander, Shogun 2: Total War, and all the F2P games steam offers; DC Universe, Planet Side 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online. Eve Online is cheap if you pay a month and than pay with ingame currentcy. 

If I were to get any MMORPG it'd be GW2. Loved the first even though I only have like 47 hours. Think I'm gonna just get PS2, buy some stuff, and save for BF3. I really wanna fly a plane, dunno why.

They are hard as hell to fly, adn when you do you can join the clan over there.