Good 240gb SSD from Amazon?

i got some amazon giftcards for my birthday and i am ready to buy a ssd. what ssd would you recommend? is a 240gb worth it over a 120gb? Here are some of what i found:


PNY XLR8 $99


Crucial M500 $120


Sandisk ultra plus $120


adata premiere pro $120


seagate 600 $120

 Samsung evo $140

in my opinnion its definitely worth it to grab a 240/256GB instead. especialy for the price point that they are on at the moment.

About the ones you posted above they are all basicly fine, the Samsung is the best / fastest one. But yeah also the most expensive one..

In real life its abit depending on the motherboard you have and the sata controller, in how fast its gonne be in the real world, the speeds that are on the boxes, you only reach in the most ideal circumstances. So yeah basicly all those ssd´s are fine. Crucial moderately fast Very fast Samsung Fastest Kingston (I have one and it's amazingly fast)