Good $2300 Build?

I don't know if this part list will make a bottleneck at all, but feel free to leave suggestions. I need that extra wattage for speakers and other stuff. It will be an editing rig, but I hope to be able to play Crysis 3 at 40 FPS at high settings.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'll also be using stuff I already have such as monitors. I'll also be using a Caviar Black 2TB HDD. I don't need a Blu-Ray burner as I'll just be watching Blu-Ray movies with it.

yo ghetto, there's no parts list link, also you can totally destroy crysis 3 with that budget, way more than 40fps

I accidentally forgot the link, lawls.


Can your unit burn blue rays or just DVDs? I just mean you have gone so far with this build. I would go for a blue ray burner as they hold so much more data and the price is starting to come down for the blanks. Otherwise it is a rich system. You should have one of the best frame rates going with that power. Love the gold standard PSU.

looks good, do it

what I would get for 2300
(gotta love that monitor!!!!!) 

Could get an ADATA sx900 256GB SSD for 190$.

Two things first being what res are you gaming at? 1080P? 1440P or 1600P? And also i will stand by this if you are paying more than $1500 on a PC get a 2011 socket like a 3820 or 3930K you will get much more performance for these than a 3770K and also instead of two 4GB 670's why not just get 1 or 2 2GB 680's? It's not like you will need all 4GB of each of those cards unless you are pushing like extrem high res multi monitor gaming across 4 or 5 monitors a 2GB 680 will still run this game fine and 2 will be even better. also drop the Intel SSD and get a samsung 840 pro or a hyperX 3k for SSD they are some of the best out there. Just throwing this out there......