Good 1200$ build?

i made a post for 1000$ build and now i can make up 1200$

i was thinking this

do i need a better motherboard to overclock

also if you have a better pc with the same case leave a link.

pc uses : sony vegas , gaming.


alright... at the 1200 price point you should be getting more for your money then this.  

Sidenote: that case is... expensive.  you really should have a very good explanation and reason for spending more then $100 on a case... ever.  and that is a monstrous case... more well suited for a custom water system then a prebuild self contained system.

 that will fit your parts... it's a much better MB for overclocking... and a better cooler then yours as well.  plus the SSD will make this system more then worth the cash you spent.  overall this system is a better rounded system for the cash.

In less your a intell fanboy I'd go with a fx 6300 and a Asus Mobo with 3.0 x16 pci express.


Take the extra money upgrage to a r9 290. Add another if you're planning go 1600p gaming.

^^ +1 with what Kratikos said !

for $1,200 i would go 6300, 290x, 16gb ram, SSD, etc

That's some old hardware in there.  I'd go with an 8 core FX or a Xeon.  Both should be good for gaming and video editing work.

The Xeon will be a very strong contender.  However, it's not as overclockable as a K-skew CPU or a FX chip.

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Haha, totally didn't notice that.  Gj Kratikos for the necro.

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P.s. dont blame me for being a tech geek at heart.