Good 10 inch Android Tablets?

So, my iPads display just isn't cutting it. I mean it's great for productivity, but when I watch media there is so much wasted screen space. I don't care for the Nexus 9 (too pricey and is 4:3). I was considering a Nexus 10 for $200, but wondered what you guys think.

The Nexus 10 is probably a good option if you're only wanting to spend $200. There's the Samsung Tab s 10.1 which from my understanding has a top tier screen, but it retails for ~$500 as I recall.

Some of and Asus something pads and Samsungs you can pick up for around $200

I came across the Levono Miix 2 earlier while looking for a decent tablet for my sister: LINK

Just get the Nexus 10 its got a 2560 x 1600 and I think it's going to run Android 5.0 Lollipop

Like others have said the Nexus 10 is a great tablet, although it's a little outdated hardware wise and isn't well priced imo.

I think the ASUS Transformer TF701T is a better value imo...


the best tablet i have ever had is the samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition is a awsome tablet 2560x1600 1.9 quad core 4gb of ram 16rom it had jellybean and updated to it kitkat 4.4.2 and rooting was easy as pie :D this thing is a beast :D i love it back when i got it was around $550 and it was well worth it

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

I recommend that. the only bummer is that it has touchwiz, but i believe you can install stock android on it. if you do that you'll have an amazingly powerful productivity tablet. and a built in stylus.

whats wrong with touchwiz i kinda injoy using it :D

its the bloatware king of Android Flavors.

TBH it really isn't that bad anymore. TouchWiz used to really shitty. Especially on the GS3 which was slow and unresponsive. In my experience though, on the GS4 and now my new Note 4 it isn't bad at all in terms of bloat or performance. I would prefer stock android but Touch Wiz isn't that big of a problem. I just put on a different launcher and its all good. I seriously love so many features the Note has especially with the SPen.

Some people don't like the interface but I don't mind it. I find that TouchWiz is better on bigger displays. The Note is good and it on a tablet is even better. It isn't perfect but it isn't the horror that everyone makes it out to be. I prefer it to HTC Sense and the really poor performing thing on the Xperia Z phones. 

Yeah I bought a Galaxy Gear 2 as well which I know everyone will ridicule me for but I love it. Bought a Moto 360 and it went back to the store after 3 days and I got the Gear 2. 


oh but whast so bad about it that ppl really hate about it tho i see no problems with it tho

The older versions were really really really slow and unresponsive. It also took up a massive amount of space. Usually well over half the storage on the phone. Some people found the interface unintuitive and a pain to use. 

i have a distaste from it cause of my previous phone which funny enough was a Galaxy S3. ever since that i've hated touchwiz ever since and i've gotten used to stock android that i cannot go back to it.

like the guy above you said its more for tablets with bigger screens not phones really and with out it i wouldent beable to do the split screen feature that my tablet can do :P

Well that explains why you don't like it. Little silly too because the new TouchWiz isn't really anything like it is on the GS3. But I understand. 

Seriously love multiwindow. Even on my smaller GS4 it was so useful. I honestly couldn't go back to a phone without it. Yeah there are apps that let you do it but it is much more seamless with the Galaxy built in implementation. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a good option, though it's 16x10.

Not quite 10 inches but I know you like open source, and it runs android apps and has an x86 cpu so you can put Linux software on it.

Sweet. Thanks.