Gonna buy RTX A6000 but need help

Hi everyone. We are an architectural company and planning to buy 2 RTX A6000’s but in our country they are not selling them officially, we are planning to import them ourself. In this situation we don’t wanna be suprised after giving 10grands to 2 gpu and after import refunding will probably hard as hell. I want to ask couple questions to learn that gpu. My questions in below.

*Wanna planning to use them under vGPU scenario, I checked nvidia’s vGPU pages a bit and they are saying, as I understand we need to buy “vWS” license. But their licence scheme is too complicated. I’ll be glad if someone show my path to calculate yearly estimated price.

Planned build:
upcoming Threadripper5000s or R9 5950X
Maximized ram system supports.

And if we decide to buy 5950X we may split GPUs to 2 different nodes. Actually in here license cost needed to calculate, we will plan our deployment with best price/performance ratio.

Thanks a lot. Have a great day.

vWS is licensed per concurrent user. The list price is 250 USD, so your annual cost would be that times the number of VMs with vGPUs that will be running at the same time. You may be able to get better pricing from a reseller in your area.

You will set up a license server in your environment and the VMs will check out a license when they load the vGPU driver. When you run out of concurrent use licenses on your license server, the vGPU driver in any new VMs you start will throttle the vGPU.

Note that if you are building custom server(s) they are not going to be qualified hardware and you may not be able to get support for hardware-related issues.

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