Goldeneye Source server help

I am trying to add the teksyndicate server to my favorites but after I add the server it does not show up in my favorites. What am I doing wrong?

The server might not currently be live.

Ok that makes sense. Thanks :)

No, the server is indeed online.

You need to add, then press add this address to favorites, then refresh. It SHOULD be there.
Can you give more info?

Did exactly what you said Nate. Even typed in the ip address and clicked find games at this address and selected the server and clicked add selected server to favorites. Clicked refresh and nothingĀ  :(

Do you have version 4.2.1 installed?

Ok so I have done a fresh install of Goldeneye Source 4.2.1 full.exe And the server is still not being added to my favorites. It shows up after clicking on show games at this address but adding it doesnt do anything. *sad face* I am going to download the 4.2 to 4.2.1 patch and see if that helps.

This probably won't help, but...

This method can be done in-game. Although everyone should know about this by now.