Goldeneye Source 5.0 Release

Hey guys,

In case anyone finds interest, a new (large) update for the mod "Goldeneye Source" was just released today. They've been teasing some of the maps and models they clearly worked hard on over the past week leading up to the release, but this post shows a good amount and the quality. Also a download link!


Cannot believe these guys are still developing this game after 10 years! That is dedication if I ever saw it. Now I want to play this game now.

Is there still any player base left?

Will give it a shot ;)

I played with Pistol and her viewers on Twitch several months ago. When she hosted a server. If there is not a player base now, there will be after this update.

Yeah I was playing last night, there were a good amount of people compared to pre-update (40-50 when I was on). They added two new game modes too! (A View to a Kill, and Gun Trade). They really did a good job on the new models & textures though, the only thing that shows it's in "Source" engine is the character animations :P.

Haven't played the game since last year march probably. Might give it a shot again.

There is. I watched someone on youtube play it recently and there were plenty of other players