Golden chip? FX-8350

So I've recently got a new cooler ( H110I GT) and managed a 4.7Ghz stable overclock on stock voltage, I tried 4.8 but eventually got a failed core, I boosted the voltage up to 1.4 and am currently at a stable 4.8Ghz. Max socket temp was 48C while max core temp was 35c. Am I wrong in thinking I've gotten extreamly lucky in terms of the silicone lottery?
- Chip was bought before the 9xxx series chips were released.

Any comments would be appreciated ;)

I would say that is a great chip. 4.7GHz on stock voltage is the sign of a solid 8350.

This is where mine went, although it was a 4.6GHz stock chip and started needing voltage at 4.7GHz.

Was stable for around 16 months.

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I think I can get up to 4.4 with the stock voltage - then again, I'm using an FX-8320. I'm not complaining with a 900mhz boost.

Honestly, most of the FX chips are golden as far as OCing goes. I took a 6300 from 3.5 to 4.5 and it's totally stable. If you managed to get an 8350 to 4.7 on stock voltage... Jeez. Tell me if you manage to get any higher than 4.8. I was thinking of getting an 8350 if I could get it to 5.0

How stable is what you're measuring as 'stable' - does it pass hours and hours of benchmarks and stress tests?
Max core temp of 35c..... proof please. Without a sub-zero amient temperature there is no way in Westeros that a FX chip after stress tests/benchmarks can be that low.

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Yeah, thermal sensors on some of the AM3+ boards are pretty borked. What are you cooling it with, @AzzaHD?

The cooler is the corsair H110I GT, here's some temps/ voltage proof (had to up the voltage to get 5Ghz) ;)

Aida is not stressing the cpu really try prime 95. :D

I'll just leave this here....

After 5.2 though I found that most 8350 chips regardless of their current input voltage really start to be greedy. As to get to 5.3 took 1.46v

They are safe to 1.55v, so 1.46v is not greedy at all. When I first pushed to 5.1GHz my chip was gaming stable at 1.47v but very quickly needed 1.52v to remain stable during extended (72+ hours) use in multiple scenerios.

no, prime fucks with the voltages. aida is fine

I know they are safe to quite a high voltage. What i mean by greedy in terms of their power consumption is the amount of power in to performance out just hits a very steep exponential curve.

lol my 8320 on the max would go to 4.6 ghz :P, on stock voltage i managed a 4.2ghz max not bad for a 8320 IMO, but dang 4.7 on stock voltage is a nice overclock. i dont know if a 970 series mobo are any good for overclocking.

any opinion on amd overdrivers built in stability test !

i wouldn't... aida is enough


4.7Ghz on stock voltage?
hmmz can you post a screen of that?
just currious which overclock method you used.

I don't have any screen shots of it at 4.7Ghz, as its at 5Ghz stable now. Although I overclocked by bumping up the bus frequency rather than the normal multiplier method due to it being better on the single cores.

ah okay northbridge overclocking.
i did that aswell, i got 4.8Ghz out of my FX8350.

Is there a difference between the classic multiplier and north bridge?

Northbridge changes the frequency of other things as well, compared to just cpu multiplier.
FSB overclocking usually yields better performance per clock than just multiplier ocing.