Gojira? the savior of metal?


Ok, As if metal were dying / needed an upgrade one of the new DJ's on XM's 42 Liquid metal, Claimed that Gojira was to be the savior of metal? feelings?


I'm pretty sure 95% of this forum knows and loves Gojira.

I love gojira, but the saviors of metal?


But for having an unskilled guitarist, and beeing french, they sure as hell pull it off.

Thats what i was thinking...They need to can that guy he's really fucking annoying.

well since iron maiden/judas priest/black sabbath are still the gods of metal we really dont need a savior just yet.

How can you even listen to that shit.

The only metal that is any kind off good is Metallica and mayeb Megadeth.

Suck it

>How can you even listen to that shit.

>The only metal that is any kind off good is Metallica and mayeb Megadeth.

>Suck it

epic fail

me likey





i mean seriously tho? metallica the only good metal band? they only have like 4 good albums. get off the bandwagon already.

Their songs are not so rough, you can atually hear what they are singing.

@ green sli thats the reason we listen to metal because its rough and you will understand what they say after reading lyrics and if you listen to metal you will become native to the heavyness

you fail at understanding what metal is. the more gritty and crusty the better. its not music designed for mainstream listeners. you have to look at it from a backwards point of view. bad = good and good = bad, get it?




you should have posted this one.


Id take megadeath over metallica any day, But they are right after years of being around screamo and black / death metal you understand them as well as you would a person talking to you.

good call twitch

None the less, let's face the fact that Gojira even still may seem mediocre at times, I'm sure everyone will agree with me, their are very talented ahead of the rest today. Like if I had to chose between living on an island with one CD, I would probably pick Gojira's FMTS.

( I used some bad english here because I was too lazy to think at the time of writing, I was trying to say if I had to chose anything from the progressive death genre. )