Going to see Amon Amarth tonight!

Yeaaah I'm excited. 

Should be an experience worth remembering. Got your beard on?

Sadly because of my job I can't rock a beard. I also shaved clean for the No Shave November thing I do every year. Only sportin 4 days worth.

Saw them in New York a couple weeks ago. Amazing show! Third time seeing them. They never disappoint. 

First time seeing them myself. Almost missed it, didn't even know they were playing here tonight. The moons aligned, I had a day off work, and saw a post on reddit about it. Eating a manly dinner then heading out soon.

You're lucky you got a ticket. The show in New York sold out long before the night of the concert. They sell out every time they come here. Granted it is New York...I had people offering me $200 for my ticket that I paid like $30 for. 

Yeah I was surprised. The online store wasn't accpting my card so I assumed they sold out. Went to the venue just to be sure and they sold me one no problem. I assume they eventually sold out cause the place was packed.

Oh and, damage report. I can't feel my right leg. Don't know if thats bad or good, not the I care either way. My glasses only fell off once and were recovered thankfully unbroken. Other than that just standard pit bumps and bruises.

The show was awesome of course. The opening band was Skeletonwitch. They could play pretty good but they were an instrumental band as far as I could tell. The "lead singer" (dude who spoke and announced the songs) had practically no stage presence. The crowd didn't get into them much.

The second band was Sabaton. They were pretty awesome. I had never actually heard of them before. They were really funny and the crowd definitely loved these guys. Really set the stage well for Amon Amarth.  They seemed really surprised they were getting so much love in a city they'd never been to before.

Then there was Amon Amarth. No words really need be said. They came back on the stage after playing for an hour and a half and played 3 more songs. They ended up playing for over 2 hours. Great show all around.

I always get some sort of bump or bruise at a concert. Unfortunately, when I saw Amon Amarth this time around I actually did bust my glasses. Skeletonwitch didn't open in New York, instead it was Vallenfyre from England. They were pretty good though. Not great, but definitely entertaining. Sabaton was at the show. I LOVE Sabaton. I've seen them 5 or 6 times. Every time I have seen them the crowd is almost crazier during their set as opposed to the headliner. There's always crowd surfers coming from every direction nonstop whenever I have seen Sabaton. During their set was when my glasses broke. I got kicked in the face by a crowd surfer. Sabaton is one of my favorite bands to see live. I hope they one day do a headlining tour in the states. 

Saw them in Riverside and they just kicked ass. My ears are still ringing from that night... Maybe I should see a doctor.

I have constant tinnitus from going to too many concerts without any kind of ear plugs. 

I used to go to concerts all the time when I was young. I didn't get much ringing in my ears from the concert but I think thats more from the fact that my ears are already blown out. I've had a lot of problems with my ears anyway I even been told once that I might be permanently deaf. My ears recovered from that but yeah they're still pretty bad.

Yeah Sabaton were really great and they were hilarious too. Made a bunch of jokes about them looking like the Village People compared to Amon Amarth and the crowd. They actually played a rocked out version of YMCA as a joke and we sang along. They were certainly very entertaining.

I just saw them a couple weeks ago with Sabaton in Clifton Park, NY.  Amazing show.  Played all of my favorites.