Going to install UbuntuGNOME on my Lenovo laptop

Hello, I have been looking into Linux for a long time now and since @Logan is going to jump ship from Windows, so will I. So i have been looking around the Ubuntu website and could not find a Disk Image to be able to load on a CD and then boot from the CD. If anyone could provide a link to the download that would be much appreciated. Bonus : could you guys recommend some sweet wallpapers? Also im new to the Forum and I look forward to spending much procrastinated time here!

Ubuntu download

Thanks, but how would I install GNOME3 on it? If you can link a forum or video that would be greatly appreciated (sorry if im bothering)

Just get the GNOME3 Ubuntu version.

We got a list of great new user friendly distros in this thread https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/1-year-linux-challenge/74682

Embrace Linux!

Should be as simple as running a command on the terminal

 sudo apt-get install gnome

Here is a better idea; use Ubuntu GNOME, it is an offical spin of ubuntu like kubuntu is. Will probably save you a lot of time figuring out what you need to install for GNOME3.


You can download the Ubuntu GNOME iso from here:

Download Ubuntu GNOME

As for wallpapers, there is a nice collection here:

Some Wallpapers

Thanks for the Link, and those are some very nice wallpapers, Thanks a lot!

Yea I think you might be right @venomfang thanks for all the help. I will install Ubuntu GNOME on my laptop now and join the Linux Masterrace

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I wouldnt worry about how it will run. I have a Lenovo G570 from ~2012 and it runs Ubuntu Gnome just fine. Just make sure you upgrade gnome to gnome 3.14.

Ok cool! could you possibly tell me how to update to gnome 3.14 as soon as you get into UbuntuGNOME? Thanks!

Ubuntu Gnome edition 14.04 update howto

Ubuntu Gnome edition 14.10 update howto

Thanks a bunch!