Going to build a PC: can't decide GPU

PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1cnAV

It's a Mini ITX board, and I'll be living off of TF2 with integrated graphics until I can afford a proper discrete GPU, which I'm prepared to pay $1k for.

I've been eyeing the 7990 hard ever since the price drop, but I hear that the 690 drains less power and has more stable performance? (Not in fps, in jitter.)

I've looked at a lot of reviews for the 7990 models and notice there seems to be a high failure rate...I want a card that can last this entire gen and hopefully push "acceptable" performance at 4k in current titles (I'll eventually upgrade the GPU, if necessary).

The 7990 is my preferred choice, but is the 690 worth the extra dollar? Do I have to worry about the 7990 failiing on me?

how about just a 7970.... and 860w is overkill, go with liek 600w

I'd prefer to get a dual GPU card, because I can't SLI or CrossFire on this board.

As it stands now, if I had to get a single GPU card, I'd probably go for the 780.


Can I get a recommendation? I'm thinking about the 7990 or waiting for a 790.

i'd go with a 780, it is newer than the 690, a lot cheaper and almost as good


I would suggest not building a mITX system if you hope to push 4k.

Go with a Titan if you're at that price point, or a 780 perhaps.

Dont go with a titan, that is stupid. The 780 is almost as good for a lot lot less

I agree, but with a $1k price point if you really want to use a full $1k a titan is probably better than any dual GPU solution

Settle for 780 + 1440p. Industry experts say 4k isn't worth it, at least, in some reviews I have read.