Going to be a PC gamer soon, what PC only game should I play first?

A simple question. What game the can only be experienced on the PC should I play first? It can be any genre. I have never played on the PC except for some runescape back in the 5th grade.

Also, the game an be an older title but do tell me if I should use some kind of mods for older games like gfx mods or something, thank you.

Jazzpunk is fantastic game but completely insane.

I have been really enjoying Gas Guzzlers Extreme lately. A racer with Serious Sam type weapons, arcade handling and it looks great.

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is great and very atmospheric semi apocalyptic RPG but it is also difficult sometimes very.

I cannot recommend buying it but try the demo for Euro Truck Simulator 2. I bought it and have over a hundred hours in it but it is not for everyone so try the demo available on SCS's website first.

Loadout is a fast cartooney and really fun FPS not unlike TF2 but I find it more colourful and fun.

There are also.mods for games on consoles that vastly change them to something that could never exist or provide game play not available on console.


EDIT: Looked at my library got some more.

Audiosurf is a fun rhythm action game, you use your own music and it makes a track to play on.

Bastion is just beautiful hack and slash/rpg with great music.

Defense Grid is a fun but difficult tower defense, 

Another tower defense, Dungeon Defenders, great with friends.

Floating Point gets honorable mention, it is free and relaxing.

Minecraft, while available on consoles, is a totally different beast on PC, light years ahead of the console releases.

Race The Sun is like a infinite runner type game but from a third person perspective and really addictive, super simple styling and game play.

TrackMania is a quirky racing game with a full track editor.

Uplink, a hacker simulator of sorts, really good fun but unrealistic.

World Of Goo is always going to be fun, sort of building, physics, puzzle type game. 

If you have a deep pocket you can give the Arena Commander a shot in Star Citizen. I also gave DayZ a try, but I am not so good at that one. Skyrim is my game of choice. Black Mesa is awesome!

Wow, awesome list of games ,will check out, thanks man.

Having played just about everything, the only game I'm looking forward to is Star Citizen.

Anything that Valve made especially Half Life. Mass Effect series is another one and IMO its much better on pc than a controller. Trackmania is good as mentioned above but the multiplayer is literally dead now. Unturned is a DayZ with Minecraft graphics and it's free to play right now.

CS 1.6, Half Life, Black Mesa and Arma 2 - all of them are pretty great.

Don't know if they are PC exclusives but you should try Age of Empires 3, and Sid Meier's Civilization 5. They are real time strategy and turn based strategy games respectively.

Black Mesa... then the best game ever: http://www.gog.com/game/deus_ex

Agreed with http://www.moddb.com/mods/new-vision. Cleans it up add some new DX10 lighting stuff. Also for good fast FPS games I would try something from Flying Wild Hogs wheel house. Hard Reset or Shadow Warrior. 

If you have some friends Forced is fun. Shadowrun Returns is fun PC only game. Dark Mod is fun to mess with. If you don't mind early access I have been having a lot of fun with Broforce.


Def gonna play this, love the cyberpunk vibe I get from it.


Play CS GO one of the best FPS games ever made

brutal doom.

^ This.

Faster than light .

Papers , Please .

Play these . If you have not already , you owe it to yourself :D

There was a free demo for papers , please , if you can find it , play it .

Here is some games you should check out.

Skyrim. So many mods that adds so many hours of gameplay.

Minecraft. I can't recommend it enough also a ton of mods available.

The Hitman series. It's really great stealth games.

The Payday series. It is simply the most fun co-op games. You work together to break into banks and such.

Dishonored. Simply amazing. The storyline is great and it got so much replayability.

The Bioshock series . Good looking, easy to run and great storylines.

The Fallout series. I have played it thousands of hours. Simply amazing. 



Try System Shock 2, It has a really eerie and unsettling sci-fi atmosphere.

Garry's Mod is good if you just want to mess around but it requires Half-life 2 (which is much better on the PC anyway).

Gothic 2 is one not many people know about. It was poorly received on release due to it's terrible voice acting but if you can stomach that and the slightly dated mechanics there is a vast open world ready to be explored.

And last but not least the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is available on both PC and console but is a graphical treat when played on the former. Download the greased lighting combat mod and you've got a very immersive RPG experience that is quite unlike any other.  

This was almost my exact post. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a good continuum after that too, you should definitely play it if you're new to PC gaming. (i understand you could also get it for consoles.)

One does not simply list two of my favorite games ever in one list.


Gothic 2 was a great game, though it lacked the atmosphere of the Gothic 1, it certainly improved in most areas.


WItcher 2 is a Witcher game... if you expect anything but a great RPG and storytelling experience, I'd assume you never heard of it.

I bought both Witchers, but I stopped at the end of the 2nd part.. It's just a bit slow to keep the tension going. A friend of mine got trough it and says Witcher 2 is great.

However, I'm currently reading through all the books and they're really good.

Any tips on getting through the first one?