Going Full Watercooling. Anyone ever use Mayhem Concentrates?

im looking at the Mayhem Gigabyte Orange concentrate. i was just wondering if anyone has used these in the past and if they are good or better then de-ionised water with dye?


and also im going for the XSPC Raystorm 750 Rs 240 kit (they discontinued the rasa kits) , if anyone has heard or experienced anything bad with this i would like to know now before i purchase it. for $140 im in. i cant see spending $100 on an NH-D14 and leaving all that awesome watercooling goodness on the table.



mayhem coolant





looks likea decent kit  i have  that xspc resvoir in my sytem but eveythign else i use is from koolance,

when u say you are going full water what all are you cooling?

just cpu to start, but i will do a full loop, chipset blocks and my gfx card, im preping my rig for Piledriver, i have just a 955be but learning to overclock then im gona upgrade my gfx card to something i can put a full cover block on because i dont like cards with the little blocks on them.