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Going back to gaming after long


Hi everyone, how are you doing?

Well, I haven’t been gaming for quite a very very long time. I used to play video games on PC and Intel Q6600 were considered great and I was updated on every release and update. Now, I don’t know about the parts much in detail as I used to know.

So, I was wondering which platform would be best for gaming now? There are many consoles available and making a PC rig would cost much.


What kind of games do you like to play is the real question


Mostly, FPS, Hack&Slash, and RPG.


You can’t go wrong with Steam on the PC you have. Given the wide and divers games there you should find something that runs on the computer you have. You really do not need to spend much on a computer that can play games. A second hand business Dell plus a 750Ti and you can play a load of good games. The whole setup could cost as little as £200 bucks.

There is no point spending a whole heap of cash on a console or gaming rig for it to only collect dust because you have lost interest. With a PC at least you have a general computer you can use for other things. That said a console makes for a reasonable if expensive media centre.

I guess it comes down to spend a smaller amount on hardware for a console and get stung for on going payments and more expensive games. Or, spend out on a PC and get cheap games and access to thousands of older games along with the new ones.


Makes sense. But few of my friends still do gaming and they keep talking about how few games require high-end processor cores and GPU. I don’t know if that would cause me a problem if I go for a second hand.

Also, back in the days PC got fewer games compared to consoles. What about these days? Does PC get same titles as in consoles?


PCs generally get the same titles as consoles but not always. As for the number of PC games their are way more than for consoles. Quality varies of course.

As PendragonUK says if you go second hand you can easily throw a basic gaming PC together.

LTT just did a video on it.


This is quite helpful, any other tips?

How about a reply from console gamer on this?


The only console I can recommend right now is the switch but that’s really only if you want to play Nintendo stuff, the others aren’t worth getting into compared to PC just out of price alone, steam sales are too strong, that being said you can get any console controller to work on PC if that’s what you prefer as well just for comfort


As far as I know, hardware requirements have gotten pretty lenient if you’re satisfied with “medium” settings. Hence, a gaming PC won’t be that expensive. However, if you want the extra ultra details 4k flavour 60fps, then it becomes expensive :wink:

As for console exclusives: They still exist and since the PC isn’t a curated platform like PS or XBox there aren’t any real exclusives. If you consider Indie games (on Steam for instance) as exclusives, then it shifts dramatically.

Your 4x2.4GHz might be on the lower end though, and I can’t guarantee that just adding decent GPU would do the trick. Personally, I’d consider something like an i5 2500(k) right now as the minimum for something more resource intensive, like Witcher 3 for instance.

Console vs. PC.: I don’t like playing on consoles, nor do I get why people prefer it to playing on a PC since imho the reasons for a PC far outnumber the reasons for a console. If anything, I’d probably build a steam machine, if it had to be some kind of console :smiley:


Here’s the deal:
PC and Nintendo Switch are the perfect combo.
Xbox and PlayStation have fairly similar games to what the PC platforms offer and the PC have all those sales and bundles and it’s way cheaper to support yourself with games.
On the other hand you have the Nintendo Switch for all Nintendo games, be it Mario, Smash, Zelda, etc etc. And you cover the entire spectrum of gaming available.

The technology part have moved quite a bit since the 2006 era, so it may get a bit confusing, but other than that - PC and Nintendo console at the time and you really are covered…


Just skimming through the thread really quickly here, knowing that you have listed FPS games as a choice, I know that Blizzard is currently giving away Destiny 2 for free for PC by simply logging in and claiming the gift. I’ve played a few hours of it and would recommend it if you’ve ever enjoyed Halo, etc. Best of luck to you!


This might be worth a look, What you can expect with a low powered new PC. AMD 2400G, what to most PC gamers would be considered under-powered. You could build something really nice for around $500


I agree with you many of the people are going back to the PC games as we find more options of new video games that are available on PC. The PC can be configured according to the requirement of the game and can be redesigned by the players. There are many games like the Destiny 2, FIFA 18, Call of Duty World War 2 that are best enjoyed on the PC platform. There are many new online stores like the Steam, Instant-gaming, Origin that have a variety of video games and provide with the configuration of the system requirement of the game.


I would also cast a vote for a DIY PC. However, maybe I can throw in something else to consider: where do you want to play? Couch or desk?

I find consoles to be tailored more to a casual gaming experience: living room TV, comfy couch, etc… While PC gaming is more focused. I appreciated the focus PC gaming offered. But, now that I am working full time it is nice to just relax.

I ended up adapting my PC rig to use in the living room. PS4 controllers and a long HDMI cable. Just something else to keep in mind.


Oh, but any GPU that is good for medium settings won’t affect higher display size? I have a 40’ inch at home and I’m not inclined to buy another one.


Is PC getting good games now? When PS3 got released the games were all over it and PC got a very few games.

I have heard of Nintendo Switch but don’t know about. Like I said I’m into FPS, Hack&Slash, and RPG. Does Nintendo have that?


Great! If only I had a gaming PC :rofl: Which platform does Blizzard use? May be I claim it with my laptop.


There are remasters of PS3 games for PC… Bayonetta, Vanquish, Yakuza series, there is Monster Hunter for PC now…
Not to mention the backlog of thousands upon thousands of older PC titles that still work on PC…


You literally explained it well. I am too working full time and when I get home and have some time to kill I want to do the same but I don’t know any rig or console.


You don’t need gaming PC… You just need PC.
A cheap as AMD APU will allow you to enjoy HYOUGE amount of older games and new indie titles. You can add better GPU whenever you feel like it and have serious-ish gaming PC for newer titles.
The biggest phenomenon in gaming in the last 3-4 years was Undertale - a 2D game, made on Game Maker - game engine, that uses CPU to draw graphics…