Going 1440p, need new GPU, halp

Been doing my homework to decide what to get myself this holiday season and I'm torn as to what to do.  I'm likely going to be picking up a QNIX 2710 and why limit myself when taking the leap away from 1080p.  My 5850 has been good to me these past 3 years, but it won't do once the new panel arrives.

So I play Battlefield and my #1 concern is to get that looking as glorious as possible.  I've looked at the r9 series but considering that I'm not equipped to water cool, it's not looking like much of an option.  I don't need a space heater and a jet engine in my room.  Now I've never toyed with watercooling before, but I've always thought about it, just never known where to start.  Maybe if I only had a block setup for the r9, would that be worth it? Or if I head down that route should I just watercool the entire system?

The other alternative is the 780/780ti.  Is the price/performance between 780ti worth it?  Or should I pick up a 780 classy now and SLI it down the line?

Can post current specs if that helps.  Appreciate the feedback. Oh and first post, this place seems nice.

I would check the benchmarks for both, specifically for BF4 is possible, and based upon the price difference, decide whether or not it is worth it to you

The 780 ti is a large improvement but a 780 classy will be competitive. Just remember the 780's are 3gb cards. Something just occoured to me that a dual 770 m4gb setup might work for me... However I already own a 780 classy. Up to you. There really is not one card that fits what you need for 1440p. A titan would work bu you would need a waterblock/acx cooler and a modified bios for it to compete with the 780. 780 ti is the most poerful card on the market however. Just up to you if you want a superheated jet, A project card that costs a fortune or a card that will perform well all round but are limited by their memory. 

Regarding water-cooling, given how cheap CPU water blocks are, if your in for a water loop you'd get one, you've already paid for the radiators, fans, tubing, pump, reservoir and put the time in. Having said that its still not a cost economical option compared to just getting the gtx780ti and having good out of the box performance, reasonable noise levels ect.

Regarding the 3gb of memory, unless your going multi-monitors or 4k sized screens that's not an issue, and not only is the gtx780ti's memory some of the fastest, but there is really very few graphics cards with more memory than that (only some of the r9 series, couple of non-reference cards and the titan).

If you can afford a 780ti, that would be my preference. It will max out a 1440p panel in a large number of games. I do agree that the 780 is competitive, as I happen to own one and use it on my own 1440p panel.

But all you really need is a 7950 or 280x. A 290 would be a very balanced choice, in terms of price to performance. If you are looking for the best, it is absolutely 100% the 780ti.

Also, I'm not a fan of dual GPU setups. Much more power hungry and you can encounter problems

Here is a link to BF4 benchmarks on Tom's Hardware.  The 780ti clearly outperforms, I'm just trying to justify dropping $700 on the card.  The r9's would be viable, but like I said, the noise/temps to really get everything out of those cards is too much... at the least I would wait to see what partner cards come out with better cooling.  At the moment it looks like the Accelero Xtreme III is the only solution.

The 3gb  of 780s I don't think would be an issue...I plan on using the 1440p for most purposes and keep my 1080p on the side for convenience.  I won't be multiscreen gaming or doing any intensive work.  What I am concerned with is if I do SLI 780 classys, will I suffer from microstutter, and will G-sync potentially eliminate that?


edit @Berserker,

I want longevity and to get all that I can out of my new monitor.  I could drop the cash on it, I have just never spent that much on a single card before lol.  Maybe I could start with a evga and take advantage of the stepup program in a couple months.  My birthday is in March anyway

I'm not sure that Gsync is compatible with that monitor. Only select monitors can use Gsync.

A single 780 can max most games at 1440p.

BF4 is actually an AMD optimised game. So you will see the 780ti perform much higher in other games.

SLI and crossfire both have problems. Some games do not scale very well. While dual GPU can be great for some games, in others it will give you little benefit. Plus, you will need sufficient power, and a motherboard that can support SLI. A single card is the way to go, in my opinion.

The R9s are beaten by an overclocked 780. However, with a decent cooling unit, they do beat the 780. That gives the 290 a superior price to performance ratio.

If you want longevity, the last thing you want to do is spend all your money now. If you're an enthusiast, get the best thing that you can afford.

It would be much more economical to purchase a balanced and reasonably priced card now, and then refresh your GPU as appropriate. Trying to purchase a setup that will last you for years will only hurt your cashflow, and your long term performance. You will miss out on any new technology that is introduced to the GPU market.

OK. So basically spend $400 + $80 for a cool 290, maybe flash bios and try to make it a 290x, or spend $500-550 for a 780 classy and call it a day.  The 780ti would be great but it is putting all my eggs in one basket.

As for the monitors, the Korean ones don't support it natively, but one can hope that once 1440p G-Sync becomes available they will release the mod chip for it as well.

It isn't as simple as that. You cannot simply purchase the Gsync chip and place it in any given monitor. It has to be compatible. So far, only 1080p non-IPS panels can use Gsync, and only a few select models are listed as compatible. One panel is being fully supported at retail. That's all I know.