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Gog games?


gog seems to have more, old games for pc, just curious about broadening my horizons, most of my games are on steam, and generally AAA titles, curious about some suggestions for older pc games still worth playing, without being a fanboy of past franchises.



3 things:

  1. GOG have this “connect” feature, that allows you to get your steam games on GOG for free and you have both at the end.
  2. GOG guarantees that they test all their releases and it works. Unlike some steams I can valve.
  3. GOG are not penises like EPIC and doesn’t buy their userbase. All of their games are available on other platforms. Some time ago they tried to sell a game exclusively on GOG, one of their own games. They said that was a mistake and they won’t do it anymore.

I strongly support GOG and if the game is available there I always prefer to buy it from them.

As for old games worth playing - Roller Coaster Tycoon trilogy… DUH…
Also Heroes of might and magic 3, Caeser 3, Pharaoh, etc (all the impression studios games if you like retro city builders), RUNE, Diablo 1 and the expansion Hellfire are on GOG now…



A lot of them get decent reboots - like the Theme Hospital did recently.

Settlers II Gold is just magnificent and recently re-released with 4K support (win only)

Warlords is the original Castle and hero management game and it is great.

Civilization 1 is the true meaning of old games that you need to play several times to even succeed. Truly nothing like the new ones.

System-shock 2 is on steam, but great,
SimFarm was fun as hell.

Might and Magic 6 is a all time classic

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to me civ 1 is 10x simpler than any of the newer ones. unit stacking makes it easy mode. only hard part is the amount of time it takes for wonders to be built. ( XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter came bundled with my copy now that is a space shooter to remember)



GoG is fine, but I can’t purchase from them any longer, my bank states they are using a cc processor based in Cypress that they will not deal with so hence my card gets DECLINED :frowning:

Other then this I’m fine with getting the occasional free game from them.

I do have an extensive Steam Library, not counting my thousands of Diskettes + CD + DVD media.



My bank hates them too. I just use paypal.



I hear you but for me, if they can’t take my card directly then so be it, I will just not use them any longer.

I did email GoG about the matter and they stated they would look into it but my guess is that the transaction rates are too good to pass up on.

So for the time being I will just keep purchasing from Steam.



From my personal experience Gog does better job at patching and supporting old games, when comparing to Steam. That’s why I’ve bought all my old games from Gog. Less hassle, more gaming.

Some old games worth trying out:
Fallout 1 and 2
Commander Keen games
Classic Doom
System Shock 1 and 2
Duke Nukem 1 and 2, and Duke Nukem 3D is absolute classic! :smiley:

Not sure if counted as old games, but Max Payne 1 and 2 are also really good games.

there’s countless others but those are my personal favorites.

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Quake 2
find a little hidden door
come up behind the bad guy, toss a grenade and shoot him in the back…
or run around and watch the bad guys start fighting with each other :slight_smile:



Most important of all, GOG has…

Wish they had Extreme G, but they do have P.O.D…



thanks everyone, theres some “new” ones mentioned ill take a look at still open to “new” /old suggestions if anyone else comes across this thread.



It is worth pointing out since there was a comparison to Steam, GOG are all DRM free. When you buy the games you own them, once installed there is nothing Gog can do to take them away and they offer backup offline installers you can keep safe in case it needs reinstalling ever. Unlike steam where games can just vanish.



Crysis series is highly recommended if you haven’t played it. Its held up really well and if you have a fairly modern, and capable gaming PC, you can really crank up those settings (though be prepared for some config file tweaking to unlock some of the resolutions that weren’t available back in the day).



One that probably won’t get mentioned is 1nsane. The original game from 2001 on PC and a similar game on console but I can’t remember the name.

Works on windows 7 but it crashes on 10 after the video plays and won’t get to the menu. I asked GOG but they couldn’t reproduce the issue.

If you like offroad racing / hill climbing with excellent physics then look into it.



There are load of old classic games that will run like a champ on even the most potato of modern hardware.

GOG provides a nice DRM free solution to play these classics.



just to clarify to everyone, I already own a few games on gog. im aware of what GOG is, im aware of its benefits, drm free, etc. im asking for recommendations of older games that are still worth playing in 2019. thanks everyone. I will be checking out some of the recommendations mentioned by everyone, and still open for more suggestions/recommendations.



110% recommended : Vampire the masquerade bloodlines
Seriously I cannot recommend this game enough. I had my doubts at first, but it is magnificent. Three things to keep in mind:

  1. The combat is dogshit, yes. The game is great despite this.
  2. Do not choose Nosferatu or Malkavian as your first character.
  3. The game was a bugheap originally. The GOG version includes an older version of the unofficial patch, that makes things bearable, but I would recommend downloading the latest patch. (10.4 currently) Personally I would also recommend turning on the Plus Patch option, that makes some balance changes, and restores cut content, mostly for the better if you ask me.
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