GOG Galaxy Now in Beta is Live and Avaiable to all


I was a part of the Alpha testing. It's nice to see it hit beta after testing it for so long.

Are you guys excited by this?

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What OSs does it support?

GOG Galaxy Client requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer. Also available for Windows and soon for Linux.

I don't know how soon for Linux.

Soon is good enough for me :)

Making a new GOG account (deleted my old one) and downloading it soon.

As @DeusQain and the others on IRC will know recently I've been thrown a bit on Valve, while I'm still a very heavy Steam user, having an alternative (DRM free) platform is very welcome.

Here's hoping they get a few more of the newer titles on there as they have been getting recently.

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Agree. More competition is always good. Half-finished early access and DRM/DLC ridden games have been plaguing Steam for a while now. It sure would be nice if GoG became a viable competitor while keeping their DRM free status.

I've applied, hopefully I get it before May 19th. I think this is how we will be able to preload Witcher 3 on GOG

This was a feature that was really required for GOG. Managing your games after a while was a mess. Plus the multiplayer support is a nice addition. It very good to see such a service while on the same time being optional thus not behaving as DRM.

I hope the final release will have a lot more purple and a lot less wooden shelves.

I hope it has both, I love the wooden shelves but its not for everyone.

Been using it since the alpha. Gotta say for the most part I like it. Got the store and game launching, everything I need. I just hope it gets a friends list and chat with voice like steam has.

It was something that GOG was missing, a client where i can access all my games and manage them. The multiplayer crossplay is something interesting since it will allow purchasing games on GOG and play them with friends that have the Steam version of that game.

Some troubleshooting. How to add games to GOG Galaxy if you installed games from there previously, like me. I have 63 GOG games. One isn't out yet.

1st Launch GOG Galaxy.

(Note you can change the shelf look to be a list if you prefer a list look)

Next Click on Library. Then click the + symbol next to the search box. Select Scan and Import Folders. Point it toward the folder you have all your GOG games installed on:

(Note this may not get all of your games. If it doesn't proceed to step 3)
Step Three. In the event the scan for game files doesn't get all of your games do the following. Double Click on the game you want to add the folder for. You'll see an install and a more button. Select More, The Select Manage, Then Select Import Folder. Chose the actually game folder of the game your are trying to install. This should work. This is how I added 48 of my games.

Beta key that I won't need since my alpha updated to beta after all: