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GOG Added New Games To Connect, Free DRM Free Copies Of Steam Games You All Ready Own

This, as long as your steam profile is public, will check you Steam library and give you certain games DRM Free from GOG.


Until they support Linux, no news here...

Quite a lot of them do.

EDIT: The more read you comment, the less I under stand it, do you not know what this is, or who GOG are. Have you even looked at the page, they clearly mark the OS the games work on and many of them have linux support.

And I never mentioned linux at all, this is not the linux section, what are you even talking about?

And regardless of you opinion, this is news.


GoG Galaxy does not support Linux, is that understandable? :wink:

Okay, it's news. ^^
Here have a like

The games are DRM Free and do not need Galaxy.

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Granted I don't own/play any of those games, but neat nonetheless.

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Yeah it was the case for me first time round, but every now and then GOG adds news games. This time I do own a few of them. So that is nice.

I've been reading on the GOG forums lately that some users think that they're pushing for Galaxy to be a requirement, sort of like how the Steam client is DRM. Of course I don't know how much of it is pessimism and conspiracy theory, but it makes me wonder if it is the case. I would be really sad if it does become a requirement and if they did start allowing DRM into their store. There is a compiled list of games that requires Galaxy to play the online component.

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This. Was just to lazy to write it myself.

So yes for singleplayer it's fine. Nothing special. Wine can run all games with the right config anyway
EDIT: Oh forgot, there is Hamachi, called "haguichi" (GUI) On Linux. Can be found here:

Using that or a similar program it's actually possible to play crossplatform. Used it on BG: EE while on Linux and a friend on Windows10, it worked better then the built-in multiplayer which wouldn't connect without Hamachi...

I had thought if this when galaxy first showed up. There is no reason for such a service other than to enforce some kind of DRM or user tracking.

Forcing the online through galaxy is the least DRMy DRM. But still DRM and for GOG to call games DRM free while enforcing any level of that is plain false advertising.

You can still install and spread the games online for anyone to download. But only the original owner can play the online end of it. Shitty.

@bruger that will only fork for games that support LAN which are becoming less and less every release because of the above reasons.

So they do work on Linux, you do not need galaxy and these games predate galaxy so should bit have issues with their online, though I have not checked that list.

The information is in your hands. Don't like it then I am not the person to complain to.

Try to help some people out and all you get is shit slung back at you for things you cannot control. Great.

I will disagree with you Wine will not run all games. I can list two games that I couldn't get installed never mind actually run on Linux, Star Wars Galaxies, and Star Wars knights of the old republic.


This is really cool and might make me use GOG more if i had any game that i could use this on D:

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The only reason to stick with GOG is for the lack of DRM in games, as that's a big selling point. If they throw that out the window by requiring Galaxy, then what's the point of avoiding Steam? Considering they have a bigger catalog even though a good chunk of it is shovelware.

Which leads me to my next question, what happens to our games on GOG if they try to make Galaxy a requirement? They won't be able to compete with Steam head to head, as users will just stick with Steam for their catalog. Meaning GOG won't do as well financially, which could be bad news for us.

As they said:

We believe that a DRM-free world would be a better place and that's why you won't find any DRMs or other intrusive copy protection in items available at This applies to both games and movies.

If you don't trust them. Just buy a game, download it and store anywhere even if they would like to add DRMs to all your games you will have your DRM-free copy.

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it appears galaxy can be used just as a download manager with a bit of online auth. That is not too terrible and something that im personally ok with.

GOG has been doing this for over a yr now. A few of my games like Witcher 2 and Darksiders 1&2 have already been transfered over to their service from my Steam account.