Godot game I've been working on, all Linux development

So, this would be my third Godot project, but it has gotten quite far and I’ve learned a lot, based on stuff like Ruiner and Hyper Light Drifter.

The entire work is being done using Godot Game Engine, Blender, and GIMP on Linux, and I’ve had no issues with this setup.

I’ve known 3D art for a while, but when I finally started working on an engine, I had some issues with math, so I took time off and blazed through making an OpenGL engine, and that helped me with the terminology and all the math I needed for dealing with 3D. This is still early in development, but hope you guys enjoy it.


Might just be my phone but the video doesn’t seem to be working. Or maby it’s being processed first as it was just uploaded I dunno.

Works for me on both the computer and mobile, it’s a webm video.

Some 13 hours later and it worked for me.

@Patera awesome Job. I get excited when I see people use Godot. I am hoping to draft something up in the next year. How hard is Godot to use? I had originally played around with UE4 some years ago but never got too deep into it. Just used some pre-made assets and moved some things around in the viewbox.

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if you know how to use Blender, and know the math, it’s super easy. However, if you’re not really well versed with vector math and all of that, you might want to sit down and go through some step by step projects that explain that. But either way, very easy!

Nice. I have been following Godot for a while but had been waiting on the 4.0 release to get some parity features of the bigger engines. I have a minor in mathematics and I am really good at matrix math. I will definitely be following your project for inspiration.

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then it should be easy peasy for you. I don’t really think waiting for 4.0 is necessary, I think it’s fine to wait for it if you’re starting a bigger project, but it would be much better to start out now, or whenever you’re able to, and go through some tutorials just to get a hang of it, so that when 4.0 launches, you can get right to working on whatever projects you wish! Either way, good luck with whatever projects you do start.

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I assume you’re talking about working in 3D?

2D in Godot in extremely simple to work with.

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2D is even simpler, yeah.

I should probably update this from time to time, so here’s a bit of a dump.
first off, been working on the aesthetic, made some new assets, added grass and such, more sound effects and all that jazz.


also added an area transition system, so you can go to and from different places, this was just 3 quickly made scenes as an example, nothing fancy like the one I sent beforehand


Really neat, I think the lighting looks great.

Have you worked on this anymore, this year?

The lighting is fantastic. Kinda gives me an alice in wonderland vibe

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