Godot 3.0 released - Open source game engine for multiplatform development, Linux, Win, BSD, oSX, Android, iOS, etc

GODOT is a game engine that started development in 2007 as closed source, it went open source in 2014 under the MIT license. The engine has been in constant update. GODOT 1.x and 2.x are well suited for 2D styled indie gaming, but the engine also has some 3D capabilities.

GODOT 3 updates the 3D rendering engine with physically based rendering, global illumination, mid and post processing, material shaders and GPu rendered particles as well as other things.

Other features include:

  • GDNative: This is a new framework that extends GODOT to external libraries like C/C++ without recompiling the engine.
  • Mono and C# : Scripting is added for users with experience in scripting in engines like Unity.
  • Visual Scripting : This is somewhat like UE4’s blueprint.
  • Updated GDScript : GDScript is the default scripting language that was exclusively used for previous versions of GODOT.
  • Updated Audio Engine
  • The Bullet Physics Library
  • Updated workflow UI
  • glTF 2.0 support
  • VR Support
  • Network multiplayer API
  • Improved 3D Editor window
  • Re-written export system
  • Support for game consoles like the Nintendo Switch
  • WebAssembly and WebGL 2.0 support
  • IPv6 support

This is a great royalty free open-source alternative to Unity. The license allows the developer to sell their game on just about any platform.

I have been tinkering with the GODOT 2.x branch myself, but I was waiting for 3 to get a release in hopes that it smooths out a few rough edges. GODOT can also be installed through Steam using Windows, Linux or Mac client.


Yeah, been wating for Godot 3 to come out. Had fun playing with around with 2.1 but kept waiting for 3 with all that they were adding to it.

I made a few basic game demo’s in the 2.1 build of the engine. I liked what I saw with GODOT. But I had some issues with the GDScript, which was the only scripting language that the engine previously used. It is kinda like C# but with some alterations. 3.0 adds C#, MONO, C/C++ through external editing and a visual scripting editor. Which is a huge update in itself.

Also the improvments to the lighting.

I’m primarily excited for the bug-fix back-ports/3.1. But its a great release regardless.

Very interested in the multiplayer api.