Godlike PC (Codename Dickswing)


Planning on 2 GTX 1080's(no gpu listed since all out of stock) (Planning on Water Cooling)
WAS going to get a 5960X but went with the newer 8core
Asus Rampage V Edition 10
Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 4x8GB Quad Channel
m.2 Samsung 960 Pro 500GB NVME OS Boot drive
850Pro 500GB for Steam Games and high speed data

Anyone want to complete or change anything?
I definitely want the two top tier GPU's for buttery smooth VR experiences.
Emphasis on gaming.
VM's and occasional video editing and exporting.

I also added the internal codename for the build since that's apparently what it is.


useage? also instead of a 500gb and 2tb hdd for games and storage you could just get a 1t reactor. reactor does well speed wise vs a 850 evo and if you can get by 1.5T you wont have to deal with loud slow spinning rust.


edit i fixed mistake

do you even have like 3 4k displays to push those GPUs? if not, buy better displays first

and you should totally go caselabs man

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Already have the 900D, Never liked the way caselabs looks. And My main display is an LG34UM95 but I might get 2 more of them.

it will be peasant build after nv releases 1080 ti

Unfortunately. but those are a ways off.

i assume by the end of the summer or December...

buying 1080 now, will only cost you more.
The big boys are coming in soon.

but if you hype on 1080 for around $1k non-ti then well. Good for you.

Well, I look at it this way, I'll buy whatever's best now because in reality, there's ALWAYS something new just around the corner. If I hear word of the ti release and haven't started building, I might wait, but I'll get whatever I can get when I buy my parts.

No Hype, just taking what's available.

I'm watching this thread now

Used you advice, (kindof)

got rid of the 2.5 500GB ssd and spinning rust and just replaced it with a 1tb 850 Pro

well if you are about to spend $2k on gpu's you might actually wait for ti version... you're going to be salty if you don't wait... If you have too much cash go for it.

as per drives, i recommend getting 2ssds, and do raid0 or something it speeds are nice.

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Well you won't need 2 1080s for that really, just live with one


Not an easy one. Could be quite some time until 1080Ti. Vega might even come earlier. So I understand the urge to go with the 1080s. On the other hand 16/14nm will be around for a few years and watercooling with a custom loop isn't done in an hour....

You have to spray the quake logo on it if you're claiming godlike.


Actually that term was used in Unreal Tournament after a certain amount of kills.

Oh oops. LOL you still need spray paint

I need coffee dude this isn't funny

Honestly I still would go for the Quake logo just because it looks way more badass.

And coffee is a good idea.

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The Msi X99 Godlike gaming is realy an overprised motherboard to be honnest.
Its definitely not worth its price point based on vrm implementation.

This particular board is advertised as being a 12 phase digital vrm design for cpu vcore board but in reality Msi is just tricking you.
Because there are no 12 phase pwm´s on the market today that are used on motherboards.
It doesnt go higher as 8+0 phases basicly.
But what Msi has done they use an ISL6388 digitally controled pwm for cpu vcore, which is a 6+1 true phase pwm.
They too 6 phases doubled them to 12 using 6x ISL6617 phase doublers.
Its very similar to what Asrock is using on their X99 boards.
Asrock is using isl6379 pwm 6+1 phases, 6 phases doubled to 12 pwm (virtual) phases using 6x isl6611A phase doublers.
Not that these VRM implementations are bad by any means, they are exaly pretty good.
But with the price premium you pay for the Godlike Gaming X99 board, it would have been way more nice if there was an 8 true phase fully digital vrm implementation from IR.
Like you find on the Asus X99 boards, and the higherend Gigabyte ones.

So unless you are realy set to do a fully godlike build?
But if it doesnt have to be a fully godlike build persee, then i personaly cannot realy recommend to pay that much money for the Msi X99 Godlike gaming.
If money isnt an issue, then i would recommend to go with the Asus Rampage 5 Extreme,
or the (ED10) version of the rampage 5 Extreme wenn it comes out.

And if color isnt an issue, then the Gigabyte X99 Designare EX is also a very nice board, with a plx chip.

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I think he is


I appreciate the info, Did not know about this.

EDIT: Looked up the ED10 Rampage 5, If the price is lower than the MSI, I'll go with that one. Looks NOICE

But I'll have to admit, price isn't really an option (Pere say)
But I take aesthetics more importantly than price/performance. Yes sure my build is Black/red themed, I just thought the Rampage has a little to much red for the build. I wanted the build to be accented with red. Not Half/Half....until I knew about the new Rampage board. Thanks @MisteryAngel

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