GoDaddy now doing Call verification for domain purchases?

Not sure what category this goes in but can change if needed.

I’ve purchased my fair share of domains over the last few years with multiple services.

Recently I gave GoDaddy a shot again and was signed up and working within a few hours as usual.

However I was recently contacted by a Pheonix number asking me to verify that I was the one that made the purchase. I already don’t like having to provide a phone number for something as simple as a DNS set up and have never had this happen before.

Anyone else had a similar experience? I cant think of any special circumstance for my purchase that would require a phone call so it must be a new policy.

Looks standard for them.

I’d go with Namecheap next time.


Thats who I’ve usually gone with but they didnt have the domain i wanted for the first time. Doesn’t really bother just surprising that they’re doing that now. Somewhat creepy tbh.

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I agree. I’m sure they’re doing it in the name of “security”, what with all the major issues there have been lately. However, that’s not to say they’re not crossing a line or pushing boundaries all the same.

Sucks about Namecheap not having what you need, but it happens. Checkout WhoIsGuard to minimize harassment on your new domain.

Good luck!

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I believe (Assuming/pulling it out of my ass because it would make sense) That they’re doing this because a while ago, someone got their entire website taken over because someone called them up, pretended to be the owner, and instantly got access to the domain. (Twitter user @n, I think? could be a separate thing, tho. was a while ago.)

Im curious what would happen if you just don’t answer the phone.

Few things could happen.

Nothing (less secure, maybe?), account on hold until verification, changes you make to DNS reverted. I’ve never dealt with them so I have no idea, lol.

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Yeah use namecheap then transfer it over to cloudflare’s free DNS hosting.

I’d rather not give cloudflare anymore business than they deserve. But I’ll always use namecheap like I have in the past if they have the domain or something close that I want.

Kind of hard to change your LLC name to match whatever domain you can find.

Cloudflare is free, if you want to spend the extra ten bucks or whatever per year go for it. I still use google domains myself for the convenience factor integrated with GSuite.

I think this also has to do with verification check. In light of trying to avoid selling domains that might otherwise have to do with nefarious activities, it’s one way to try and fix the problem… I don’t see it helping much though.