God tier pre-build computer companies

If you where going to buy a pre-built computer, where would you go, and what is the best one in your eyes.

Personal fav:

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Alien ware, prove me wrong...

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The first real computer I bought was from..cyberpowerpc..I still have it(since 2011), upgraded it and transplanted it..

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The level of support and the amt of stress testing they do for each build is crazy.
They even use FLIR thermal imaging to optimize the cooling to perfection.

yea, ive seen a vid about them

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I fail to see a need to have someone build a pc for me.

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Same here. But surely you can see the need for others to have an expert build them a PC.

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In this day and age it is so much easier to design and build a pc to your needs. a little googling, some youtube, and floating ideas by tech forums. It is not for everybody but it is most certainly easier and more accessible than it was ten years ago. I personally love some of the awesome custom work out there.

I'll never buy a pre-built when I can simply build it myself. Half the fun is choosing the parts and putting it together.

No. No, I cannot. A 3 year old can build a PC. It's not difficult, and you don't need to be an expert in order to accomplish the task. Not trying to be an ass. I'm just saying.

i agree,
but it is nice to have them handle any dead or wonkey manufacturers parts and warranties and stuff
oh no a dead titan z? better go grab the spair out of the shelf of them

It's a great way for first time buyers to ease into the 'trade'. It allows them to look at how everything works and know...well, that it works. We all started on a pre-built computer at one point or another!

No, you could agrue that basic pc building is a must in this day and age. No it is not a good way to start. Its never good to start with overpaying for your performance and still not having any understanding of what is going on. I have to admit that after overpaying for some performance, it fueled my beginning. It's not so say that certain companies dont do a good job but the ultra premium negates it and its still comes back to not having any understanding of your machine afterwards. Its still a terrible way to start. Much rather see someone have issues or troubles (and have to troubleshoot )than rely on someone else to solve their problems.

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I'm not claiming that PC building isn't a must in modern times, however, for someone who is surrounded by the technologically inept and are not confident enough to build a pc on their own, getting a pre-built PC and tearing it open to check out it's contents is a perfectly viable way of learning.

15 years ago i would of agreed with that. In this day and age, no.

Alienware....sold out to Dell. I used to work for Dell we repaired sooo many Alienwares. Try Falcon Northwest.

Lets say someone who is a talented graphic artist needs a custom made high end PC. He has not spend the countless hours learning about hardware and software that we do. In that situation going to an expert who will know exactly what parts you need for your tasks is a very needed thing.

Yes a 3yr old can build a PC
JayTwoCents daughter build one with him at age 5.

I build my first with my dad at age 7.

What I could not do then is cherry pick hardware to perfectly match a specific need. And TBH I don't think I could do that as well as some people who have made a living building PCs could.

There is a reason that these people exist.
Some times its nice to have an expert build machine with a rock solid warranty. Especially if you are not super knowledgeable on the subject.

This. I have to order PC's for people within the company I work for who are graphic artists/photographers and don't have time to build a pc from scratch.

Ya, there are always exceptions. Here is mine.......Works of art https://www.youtube.com/user/SingularityComputers

I don't have time to order a bunch of parts so all I just get it pre-built.

What you're describing is laziness and an unwillingness to set aside time to learn. Generally speaking, we are only limited by our own motivation. I can blame my inability to master C++ on lots of things, but in the end, it's my own fault for not being proficient in this particular programming language. Instead of playing Dying Light right now, I could be watching C++ tutorials on YouTube.