GOD OF WAR 3 trailer

just sore the GOD 3 Trailer it us awesome


Old. I may be a PC gamer, but God of War is my favorite game ever. I can't wait for October, will be epic.

HOLY SHIT FUCK that looks awesome!

Holy skeet. GoW is one of the best console games. To bad its for PS3. I dont have one.


once again, im glad i picked the ps3

damn... here I am with no consoles... never played these games... maybe if they made them for PC...

Freaking Epic

Kratos is sooooo "G"

David Jaffe(guy who designed God Of War 1 and Twisted Metal 1, 2, Black and Head-on Extra Twisted)said he thinks it's gonna be great. If he gives it his blessing, it shall have mine too.

Holy Balls!!!!!!!!!!!, Kratos rules all that is man, it's hard to be cooler than Kratos, and i'm dying for this game, HURRY UP!!!!!