Go on and take a Free Ride ...$50 free Lyft (like UBER) credit

A few weeks ago I made a post about how I started driving for UBER. I have since started driving on the LYFT platform as well cruising around the dashboard I found that I can give out referrals for riders and if you are a new LYFT user you get $50 in credit to use for rides.

The promo code is BEESYNDICATE

here is a link

full disclosure it says I get $10 if you sign up but I don't care as much about that as being able to give you guys $50 if you need a to get a ride somewhere.

I am not sure if this post violates the forum guidelines. If so please Mods delete this post. I am hoping that since you don't have to buy anything to get and use the credit that it is cool.


This could be considered advertising, so it might be amazing to rules in that respect. However you aren't being obnoxious. It'll be up to the overlords to decide.

It's all in good faith should be fineeeeeeeeee

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