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Gnome tracker process crashing system

To make a long story short my PC randomly started crashing for no reason and after a few reboots a figured out it was caused by a process called “/usr/lib/tracker-extract” and from what I’ve gathered it’s related to file indexing. Basically my PC boots up properly and works fine until this process starts about 15 seconds after boot. At that point out maxes out one of my cores and completely fills my system memory. I don’t have a swap setup but I really doubt it would help here anyways.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I think it’s a software bug but I’ve also never had this issue before. Best I can to is keep htop open and repeatedly close the process but it reopens immediately so that’s not an option.

Also I’m not sure it matters but I installed timeshift and made a backup of my installation. I’m not sure if the issue is related to this program searching for files. Any help is much appreciated.