GNOME - resource usage high

i installed arch linux a few days back on my laptop and installed gnome as my desktop environment. as of now everything was fine until today i noticed increased cpu nd mem usage on my laptop. i dont know if its normal or not plz help me. here are the screenshots. sorry can only add 2 screenshots in 1 post because im a new user on this forum.

neofetch (mega cloud and gnome extensions running in background) -

on idle (steam, mega cloud and some gnome extensions running in background) -

if i just drag and move the terminal window (steam, mega cloud and some gnome extensions running in background) -

if i press super key and try to search something (steam, mega cloud and some gnome extensions running in background) -

when i close the search it goes back to as show show in idle screenshot.

Which distro are you running? Looks like Ubuntu. Which version? What version of Gnome are you running? What laptop are you using? Does it have a discreet GPU?

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I was using my phone and was as blind as a bat apparently.

im using arch linux. i posted neofetch screenshot above already. im sure im on the latest version of Gnome. My laptop is HP ac101tu. No it does not have discreet GPU it has intel HD. image

So you are using a pretty anemic Intel CPU with igpu. Remember all of the remediations for spectre, meltdown, and other mitigations? That is probably what is causing your high usage. Also, there is some general regression in 5.2. You may notice better performance in 5.3 or in an security release for 5.2.

Are you noticing any difference in performance or did you only notice because you were poking around?

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are all cpu’s affected by spectre and meltdown? can u tell me how can i upgrade my kernel to 5.3. and i noticed lag when opening app launcher the it takes like a sec to load and then animation comes up it feels slow like i have used gnome on my main desktop it feels snapier but my desktop has a dedicated gpu. and i installed kde-desktop to try it out on my laptop performance is much better i guess im gonna change to kde and uninstall gnome.

Zen 2 is the first x86 silicon that has built in mitigations. AMD is affected by Spectre.

Intel is affected by Spectre and Meltdown. They do not have a hardware fix out yet, just firmware. You can see a 5% to 30% hit in performance with the mitigations turned on, which is default since kernel 4.19.

To get the latest kernel, you can try pacman -Syu linux-mainline to get kernel 5.3rc1.1 (as of 21JULY2019) or pacman -Syu linux-next to get the pending kernel that if going to be mainlined. Right now it is based on “20190726.r0” from Linux Torvalds git source.

KDE may for once be more light weight than GNOME for once. On weak systems, the javascript can bring the system to its knees. KDE has done a good job of making their system modular and using QT which is leaps and bounds better in the long term than javascript. I say this as a gnome3 user with no performance issues, but a vocal group of people cannot use gnome because of the amount of resources the DE requires to run smoothly.

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ill try to update kernel and see if there is any performance boost. thanx :smiley: