Gnome desktop no longer working

Hello, recently I have been having issues with gnome lately where it’s basically a toss of the coin whether or not it loads. Sometimes it will lead to a back screen where pressing ctrl alt f2 loads the desktop, sometimes even if the desktop works mouse input does not and I have to log out and in. other times it will work only to kick me out. Apparently, this is a known unfixed issue in gnome, see so I was wondering if I should try installing another DE? I have only used Gnome and KDE in the past. Would reinstalling Gnome fix this? How would I go about doing that?

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Fixed your launchpad link, so that it’ll open up when clicked.


Have you tried creating a new user and logging in with that account? This will troubleshoot whether the problem is with your installed software, or with a GNOME-related config under your current user account. If it’s your config, there’s an issue at that covers this. Also, check that a GNOME Shell Extension isn’t acting up by disabling them using gnome-tweaks.

In a pinch, you may be able to smoothly use the same user account by installing another one of the GNOME-integrated metapackages, like ubuntu-unity-desktop or ubuntu-budgie-desktop or vanilla-gnome-desktop. Change your desired desktop session at the GDM3 login screen, after selecting your username, at the gear icon.

What is the version of Ubuntu you’re using, and do you have all updates enabled under the Updates tab of the Software & Updates app?

Thanks @durapensa for your response. I’ll try using another user account. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 with all the latest updates.

OK, good. From your kernel version number, it looks as though you’ve already updated with the LTS Enablement Stack? (it also includes updates to the X Window System).

Yeah I already ran the commands to get that installed

I actually was able to solve this by turning off auto login. I turned it off and boom never have had an issue until now pretty weird though.

Interesting, you might try delaying the auto-login. Edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf, adding :


Tweaking TimedLoginDelay=1 by increasing the number of seconds, as necessary.

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Gnome sucks. Use Cinnamon