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GN 6GHZ attempt - Live Now (I'm late ;o;)

Just got home sadly, but catching it now~~~!

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I saw something this morning that said most people are unable to get to 5.2. How’s he going to he 6? Unless he’s just doing one core

Ln2 suicide run one core.


Well he just bluescreened at 5.8 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Don’t worry Aremis-Chan. This guy has biblically good hair. If any one can do it. He can.


‘o’ ‘w’ senpee cawwed mwe chan uwuwuwuwu

also wheres lounge dammet

5.9 was the final clock speed.

Also, in response to the stream dying, GN seriously needs a BirdDog NDI encoder so they don’t have to deal with the Razer Ripsaw, and can have the encode system in a completely different room since it’s all Ethernet.

Then buy them one and mail it there.

Also they got to 6 but only for half of a test

So they turned a 9900k into something about as fast as a 3900x but less stable and more expensive? :joy:

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Yeah 9900k with a broken GPU

I don’t buy into intel marketing :joy:

Buts its deh fasterrr


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