Gmod 8400 GS Problem

I bought a BFG 8400 GS about a year ago, and I used to get 300 FPS on gmod everything maxed out. Now I recently started playing it again, and I only get about 30. What the hell?

Reinstall drivers. Or the game.

Is it running crap in other games?

I've actually just installed drivers AND the game, because I went back to 32 bit last night. I haven't tried other games yet, I'll let you know.

Give us your system specs if possible. I dont think a 8400gs could get 300 fps in the first place, I used to have a 8500gt and it hardly played source games.

Pentium Dual Core E2200 2.2 Ghz

4 GB (2x2) Corsair 800 mhz RAM

BFG 8400 GS 600/1481/400


Max settings with max AA: 30-50 FPS

Max settings without AA: 100-110 FPS

The only other thing I could imagine that happened is that the recent engine updates are causing you run slower.

Though I can't ever recall an 8400GS running at 300FPS....ever. You could have been running on lower settings and not noticed.

Rabu is probably right. The engine updates messed me up too.

I'm not even playing it on Steam, I'm playing a pirated version.


I would get almost 400 FPS with no AA.


I didn't even know that was possible... That high of a frame rate.

Is the game still playable? Without any studded or anything? If it is don't worry what the numbers are just have fun and enjoy the game.

you wont even notice it if your fps is 60hz. does it stutter? put on vsync

300fps in Gmod on a 8800GS? I believe your mistaken

you must have the wrong gpu name, even overclocked you'd be lucky to get 300 fps on 2-d games, i know, i had a bfg 8400 gs

My old 8500GT pumped 50 fps in Lost Coast 1440x900 all max if I was lucky. FYI, it was a higly overclocked 8500GT!!!

7900GT 256Mb (577 / 742) is peaking 90fps in HL2:LC all maxed 1280x1024.

I doubt a 8400GS can play HL2 with 300 fps lol...

Then again, HL2 isnt a 2D game ;D