Glow Headphones

What do you guys think.  I hope it's not some bass-head earbuds that are gimmicks, i find it to be interesting.  Though the marketing makes it out to be that way.

Earphones with EL wire in them. I wouldn't want to be seen with them. Also I doubt the lifespan of the EL-wire will be very good.

Seems more catered towards fashion than practicality and sound quality. 

Looks like a gimick to me. The thing about gimicks in audio is that they only really happen on products that aren't aimed at the audiophile community. The audiophile community only really cares about the sound quality. Everything else is an added benefit. My guess is that they will sound like your average, run of the mill ear buds. I wouldn't waste my time or money on them if you don't just want to glowing nonsense.