Global Agenda - Only $7.50

75% Off of this 30$ Game lasting until later today at 4PM. Get it while you can. I find it thuroughly enjoyable. It's a fast-paced third person MMO set in the future.

I will have a video up to post in a bit, for now, here's some from youtube and some high res screens.




It's also very focused on PvP and Guild vs Guild... (Otherwise known in the game as AvA / Agency vs Agency)

looks interesting... free to play?

Isn't this a monthly fee game? I think it is.

You don't have to pay monthly.

I have it. You are pro at lvl 10.. Everyone should get on this if its still going. :)

One time fee then it's free to play monthly, I actually really enjoy it, so is mickeydeath. I made a medic and recorded some PvE Leveling up gameplay you can find here. Also I think it has a soundtrack everyone can agree with. If you decide to even watch it all the way through.

The stream looks smooth, but I had like 12fps most of the time, couldn't see ANYTHING, so you're gonna have to deal with the bad aiming. lol.

oh yea this game freakin sick GET IT even for 30 dollars worth it

me and twitch played for liek 2 hours