Glacer 240L expansion

I got CoolerMaster/Swiftech Glacer 240L on the CPU. Its an AIO but has that nice 3500 rpm pump in the CPU block. My question is if I add say the GPU into the loop and a 140 or 120 mm rad would I need to add a seperate rez from the original config?

You can have a separate reservoir, but you can get away without one. Its a little tricky and a handful to move around but what you have to do is fill up everything with coolant then connect it back up. So:

  • Construct loop in case the way you want it.
  • Take loop out of case, place one of the rads (eg the 120/140) in a large bowl of demin water (enough water to fill loop + extra). Also add an additive of some sort - I suggest Liquid Utopia.
  • Take off one of the tubes connected to that rad and have that tube sit in the water - this will either intake or discharge water depending on flow direction. Be sure to keep the open port of the rad and end of the tube submerged in water otherwise you'll suck air into the loop.
  • Turn pump on.
  • You should start to see water moving - add demin water if its needed. Dont run the pump dry.
  • Let this run for a good while, it can take awhile for air pockets to move. 1-2 hours should be ok. You'll hear lots of gurgling etc - its just air bubbles working their way out. Move the other radiator about a bit just to get things moving every now and then.
  • Once you are satisfied that there is no more air in the loop. Connect the tube back to the rad whilst still under water (very important).
  • Take rad out of bowl.
  • Test loop - watch for any leaks etc.
  • Dry everything.
  • Have fun installing the whole loop as 1 unit back in the case. An extra set of hands help.
  • You now have a sealed loop.

Or you can just buy even a cheap reservoir and build & fill a loop as one normally would.

Hope this has been of some help. Ive done this using a couple of the AIO's. Never any issue. At least your unit has a nice pump. & if you struggle to find small diameter tubing - head to a hardware or aquarium place - 6mm and 8mm ID tube is cheap.

I think I may add a small rez and another 140mm rad to it just for lower temps. Seems the pump in this thing is a fairly decent Swiftech model modified to work in the unit. Runs at 3500 rpm and pushes 165 L/hr. 

Should I keep the 5/8 OD x 3/8 ID tubing? Or switch to something else?

Recommendations on a decent brass/copper rad in the 140mm variety?

Small Rez recommendations? My rig is in my profile, Corsair Air 540 case. 240 rad up top, both HDDs on MoBo side populated, 1 SSD on PSU side. NZXT grid fan hub in MoBo side velcro attached by HDD.

Thanks for the help,


Yeah those pumps can run a few blocks and rads without breaking a sweat.

Tubing wise its doesnt matter what you use as long as you stick to that size for everthing.

140mm rads - im a big xspc fan so > XSPC EX140 - really nice rads and reasonably priced.

Small res >>> these little units have been around since time began. Ive had a few, they do the job and you could have it tucked away in a easy to fill position in the area of your case near the 5.25 bays or something.