GL360 g5 problems HELP!

Bought a server of eBay confirmed works brought home to no video from either vga Port. Tryed diff cpus and ram config using original CPUs get flashing light from raid card lights C1 and C3 flashing and long non stop beep from motherboard

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That's not much info to work with lol.

Could you maybe elaborate a little? What memory, CPU's, etc... did you try, did you measure out the PSU, etc...

Have you tried booting of a linux USB stick?

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Don't have a proper internet connection to download linux on. Won't boot even to bios either. Did try a windows boot usb tho . Tried the xeon 5160's that it came with and e5440's I had and neither mad a difference. Tried all the corndogs I could with these

It also came with 2 700w redundant PSUs

help please

Lights R1424, DS2 are constantly one
Cr3 and cr1 are flashing and on front panel the psu light is constantly on, and also pic

second to top is flashing

Ram config is matching pair in 1a and 3a and another in 5b and 7b

You know you should start troubleshooting from this fancy HP Insight LED panel, right? Front PSU LED amber = no redundancy, try with one of them, one by one. when you "confirmed works", have you configured iLo? Is it accessible?
PS Are you trying to start it without fans???

Tried with and without fans, no idea how to get into ilo and been looking on Hp sites with no leeds

I'm colourblind which doesn't help with Amber/Green thing 😂😂😂