Giving back to the community-Free Games

Hear me, hear me! You guys have helped me, and now I want to give something back to you with a little competition.

You are to send a funny video.

That's it.

It just have to be funny.

Anyone with the funniest video will recieve 4 games of their liking. Yes, you heard it, FOUR! (battlefield 3 and the sims 3 not included). No more than a copy of a game, so you can't have 2 Mirror's Edges. Also, some games might not be available on Steam. I'm trying my best to get my hands on those and another copy of battlefield 3 and the sims 3. Stay tuned for another update.

The video doesn't have to be from youtube. It can be from other sources. YOU MAY POST MORE THAN ONE VIDEO/POSTS

The competition will end in 48 hours and can be submited from here with a link of the video or if you want to submit your own video, you can also send an email (Email will be given through PM)

That's it folks. I hope you guys are enjoying the community's company as much as I do.


I will announce the winner 24 hours after the competition ends.


p,s: Thank you Futurestep for inspiring me to give back to the community.


Edit: I've decided to change it to 48 hours because it would give more time for you to find something hillarious

I watched this today, i laughed...hopefully others will find it funny too! 

Btw. very nice of you to do this.

I'll throw my hat into this. Good luck!

Thank you for the first posts guys. Spread the word and you might find something worth laughing to, too :D

Its a little long but it's Jimmy Carr responding to hecklers.

Thanks for the submition guys. Sorry for spamming this, just wanna make sure others can join in too


Sharing this with my friends.

Also, I don't want to sound like an ass but is Futuresoldier me?


- Classic

Damn it, I alwasy get your name wrong. I'm terribly sorry  X|

It's not a big deal really, I was just curious.

Anyone else???

Meh gota love it

I don't want anything, just felt like sharing this.

Less than 5 hours to go!

Same as Ghetto, just felt like sharing

All 3 of them are Hilarious

Time is almost up. If you wanna join in, post a video :D