Giving away copies of Dota 2

I have up to five copies of Dota 2 to give away at the moment, and this is going to be a first come first served deal.

Just friend me through steam and I'll gift it over to you.

My steam profile link:

Hey! May I please have a copy? Ill add you on steam if that's ok?

May I have it? I don't have any games on steam yet :p

Friended you back, and sent your copy over. 


Just send me a friend invite, or leave a link to profile and i'll send it over.

Done. Already invited you

I don't see any friend invite notifications popping up, I'll still hold onto a copy for you though. 

Thanks :D It doesn't seem to register my invite somehow :/

Hey Guys, I've got 12 copies of Dota2 to give away aswell, just add and first come first serve...

Please make your own thread for offers from you.