Giveaway! :D Break out the editing skills for some cool stuff

Keeping at it:

Cheap? Yes. Worthwhile? Aw yeah.


Another thing:

this thread still is a thing

Yeah i'll likely extend this competition... not to anger you that have entered but to see if anyone else has any edits...
an extra week probably

Sounds good !

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Now you can make moar edits lol

Can't lie... I have been counting my chickens before they hatch.


How to set this up... hmm.
Will make polls at some point, I may also see which ones the RTP crew like the best as well lol.

damn I totally didnt see this thread up until some minutes ago, se here is my fast hacked idea I had:

immersive yourself, level1:

enhanced immersional feeling level over 9000:

edit: "original" picture


@Cavemanthe0ne the creation of Adam

IN VR!!!!


Last minute micro detail refinements.


ok now to make a poll... one sec. Might take a bit lol.

Am I too late for my editception?

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Waiting intensifies

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Getting there lol.
I seriously am not sure how to pick people I'm thinking so far @Positron is in the lead but unsure of how to do the rest (... I would make a massive poll here but then if some of the RTP also want to vote on it they would have to make accs and stuff. Probably can do a straw poll for it?)

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It's all good.

If you hadn't made us wait you wouldn't have gotten the best ones out of us.
Nothing like waiting till after the deadline to inspire fresh ideas.

version 2

AMD corporate may not appreciate it but the filename is 'AMD has Ryzen from the grave'.
I think that says it all.

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Does this count?


I think you mean I'm in the lead.