Give me a convenient benchmarking tool

I am in the middle of making a video about the new and drivers and features and stuff...
Now I need a benchmarking tool. I have Afterburner, but the way it records graphs and not numbers, so I have to calculate averages etc is not really great. Some people told me "try flaps". Is flaps the answer? I want convenience. I want it to tell me min 20, max300, avg - 69...
Afterburner graphs are nice and all, but I just need the numbers.
Is fraps the answer, or is there another solution?

What is it that you are benching? ( I assume that you are referring to the improvements between the Crimson and ReLive)

Is it game performance, rendering performance, calculation performance, screen capture you are trying to compare?

if it's graphics have you tried games, or synthetic benchmarks like Valley, 3d fire strike?

for games, I would suggest the benchmark tool within it, for games that don't have a benchmark tool, I would suggest having the game show a FPS counter/netgraph, then play it for a certain amount of time or a part that is graphically intensive and record the mins and maxs (with either recording software, or have a script write all the mins and maxes)

this article talked about using fraps as a benchmarking tool

feel like you already tried this and I didn't exactly answer your question

if it's cpu, have you tried 7zip or handbrake?

I really didn't say, did I?
Well I am looking to benchmark games, that don't have internal benchmarks. I don't need benchmarking tools for Valley, because I will just use Valley. For rendering - I use Vegas, and Vegas don't really care about the gpu at all... So I just need gaming benchmarks...
Yup, that article basically told me it's flaps that I need...

AdoredTV made something, and I made a thread about it.

I usually google "show fps in game x"
I heard fraps eats 1 to 5 fps, not a big deal for the I5 club but with AMD stuff I avoid fraps cause AMD needs all the help it can get :)

Capture in fraps does indeed eat performance
I moved over to msi
Then after that i moved to shadowplay

And now we can all move towards ReLive... Yeeeey...
I don't really mind eating a couple of frames. I'm gonna use the same method both ways, so as long it's consistently eating the same amount of food and have exercise schedule I'm fine with it...